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CustardQuest is a search. Not only a search to find hidden stones worth real reward money, but a search for the truth. As Custard Marks says, "The Truth awaits."

While Custard travels around the United States conducting paranormal investigations to discover the truth behind unexplained phenomena, he always leaves his unique calling card: special stones that anyone can discover . . . if you can find the clues to their locations within his investigative notes.

CustardQuest searches are open to all ages. (See the "Rules and Tips" page for the official rules.) If you can read, and if you are clever enough, you can play CustardQuest. And don't worry if somebody else finds a stone before you. A new CQuest will be on the way after the current CQuest is solved.

So click on "Current CQuest" above, and good luck. The stones, and the truth, await
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3.9.13. CQ III solved by Travis P.

4.22.13. CQ I solved by Rebecca P.

4.24.13. CQ II solved by Dave S.

6.15.13. CQ IV released.